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Some portions of the site content translated in English 
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We would like to say welcome ! to the English speaking visitors to this site. Unfortunalety we are still missing a full English version of the site content, even the books are not published in English yet, nevertheless some portions of the content have been already translated and we would like to present the following to your attention. As usual we remain waiting for your feedbacks and comments that will be published in English and possibly translated into Italian.  Ciao !!


The Apostles  Association of the glorious Cross


Our Association is answer to our Lord call.

Jesus , himself, requested that it should be founded “a no profit association in order to spread His words and those of His mother all over the world, through the light and the continuous help of the Holy Spirit and in union with His Holy Church.

In order  to confirm, as previously announced His will He presented us with His  surprising and no equivocal Seal. In the same way he told us the name of the  Foundation:




Brief story of the Opera “From the darkness to the light.

Our Lord’s  Opera was born during an extraordinary meeting between our Merciful Lord and a little soil looking for Love, that unique   and true love that since ever was waiting for her and that she was always looking for.

When  Jesus and his creature met, His call was strong  and shy but sincere was the affirmative answer of His creature. “At last here you are my little baby, since ever I was waiting for you. The Father has an important task to entrust you with. What a long time we have been waiting for this moment!”

It was the year 1990.

Our Lord’s  call was becoming clearer and clearer, brighter and brighter. The little fearful soul was becoming stronger  and stronger abandoning herself completely into the arms of her Love! Jesus started to speak to her heart, inviting her:

“You will say to the world…”


In 1994 Our Lord chose one of His ministers  to entrust him with the Opera in order to discern and guide everything in obedience and according to  His will.

In 1998 Jesus requested to publish just few copies of His messages that were given to some priests, and consecrated and to few laymen.

Only in 2000 it was allowed  the issue of the first two books entitled “From the darkness to the Light”.

Our Lord asked to paint two images, expressing extraordinary His  thought and his plan, to be printed on the dust jacket of these books.

In the course of the following years the Opera grew so much with new books so to reach a series, from which al ways according to our Lord’s  initiative were published some excerpts, the contents of which are very important for our age:

“Mary’s triumph”

“Yes, my immaculate  heart will  triumph”

“Who is the Eucharist!?”

“John Paul II –Alive Host  on earth”.

As announced by Our Lord, His Opera will be spread “more and more far away…

At the moment the books, or some parts of them are translate into different languages and …it is going to be realized, thanks voluntary collaborators those Jesus  words:

You  will say to the world…

In the  Opera “From the Darkness to the Light” Our Lord also requested the realization of a particular “Rosary beads fo adults and another one for children, consisting in a simple prayer that He called:

“The little love rosary beads”.

Actually we wish to shear also by Internet, the wonders Jesus realizes for love of His people:

Will the constant prayer make us always faithful to Him, to His Word,  to His Church who is our Mother.

Will God bless us now and for ever.




24th March 1999, Wednesday morning


During the Holy Mass I feel my Lord’s Heart inside me and I also see Him inwardly. But what upsets me is Jesus’ Heart, which I see clearly in all its parts as if it had just been resected; anyhow what impresses me more is that there is no blood running in this Heart: it is completely dry.

“Ha, my Lord, what have they done to You?”

On looking up I see a huge, large chalice filled with living, warm, foaming blood, which overflows on the altar with an impetuosity never seen before.

And I hear:

“My Heart is emptied like this every day for mankind.”

Oh, my Lord, how much blood!

I feel that this Blood includes the martyrdom of the whole world. This Heart, torn from Jesus’ Body, is the eternal gift of the Eucharist.

Oh my Lord!

But, man goes his own way and is lost!

Be merciful my God!

Later on, while reciting the Love Beads in adoration, I am filled with a very sweet image.

Jesus, very handsome and joyful, dressed in a white tunic and sandals, is crouched among little children in a kindergarten. I am surprised to see that each child holds a little white rosary like the one He asked me to make some time before.

I see Jesus’ eyes smiling more and more at each bead said by these happy children.

Then Jesus tells me how to make the Love Beads for the last times, more suitable for children.

Then He asks me to tell my spiritual Father that He wishes the Love Beads to be made and spread as soon as possible, and He states:

“The world will be saved through the little ones’ prayer.”

Yes, my Lord, your Heart of Eternal Martyr need innocence and purity to hinder the sin in our horrible world.



Wednesday Evening


The war has burst in Kosovo.

This is why your Heart was torn away from your Body; this also explains your request!

Mercy, my God: forgive, save, heal, free, sanctify your children. I love you my Lord, come, come soon, don’t delay, Jesus, Love, thank you Father!


I’m going back home with all this in my heart, when I hear Jesus.

Oh Jesus, wait till I am at home and I will listen to You.

After a while I’m ready to write. Here I am! Come Holy Spirit! Come Spirit of Truth and of Love!

I bathe my face with the water of the Purification cistern of Dozulè.

I kneel down and my Lord makes the sign of the Cross on my forehead, on my mouth and my heart.

“Speak, Lord, your maid-servant is listening to you!”

“No, my little one, I will not come to destroy. I am Mercy. Remind the world that my Love will never end and my Justice will never be separated from Love. If today I came to Judge the world, Satan would be the winner. Mary’s Immaculate Heart would not triumph on so many lost children.

The triumph of my Mother’s Immaculate Heart will be the triumph of the One who never met sin, against the one who is the personification of sin.

But, my child, what kind of triumph would it be if the victory of the Woman dressed in the Sun, could no longer be shared by her children, who are also my children? What would the meaning be if my children could never enjoy this reality for which I offered my Life?

Can it be said that Satan has lost power on my creation if I came to destroy it? Yes, my child, I, your Father, your Brother, your Friend, wish to embrace my children, those who freely have chosen me. I wish to let you know and enjoy what the Father has been for ever planning for you on the earth.

My Child, I know there is a treasure in your heart which you would like to donate out of love, and you can’t do it yet. Offer me your suffering and I will change it in joy. Don’t be afraid and don’t be silent. Give me your hand.”

Jesus takes my hand in his hands.

“Lift them up with me, we will win together.”

Yes, my Lord. Amen!



31st May 1999, Monday


I am driving home saying the Rosary, when, suddenly I see before me a beautiful gold sparkling Cross. At the center of it there is a big Host, not white, but shining with light.

My eyes and my heart widen out on this image, which is difficult to describe.

My Jesus’ solemn voice comes out from the gold Cross:

“I, the Lord, have come on the earth and I have shared the Bread with you. Now I am coming to share my Glory with you.”

Jesus says nothing more, but I walk in the evening darkness, with my eyes open wide on this Divine light.

Yes, come soon, my Jesus, my Love.




14 September 1999, Tuesday morning

Feast of the Holy Cross Exaltation.


I am at O. in W.’s home. At 9 we hear the Holy Mass. While the priest is consecrating the bread and the wine I see before my inner sight the end of a long, dark, tunnel. Suddenly a green train darts out of it and like a flash disappears into thick fog.

I’m still staring at the black tunnel when I hear my Lord’s sweet voice:







“You see, my little one, I, the Lord, will make the world’s evil pass like that train has passed through the tunnel. The time granted to evil can be compared to this tunnel, while the time of  my Justice is eternal. I am the world’s Light!”



21 September 1999, Tuesday


On travelling back from Dozulè I suddenly feel a great weariness, in contrast with the peace I have received from my Jesus. I feel a kind of physical weakness, as if I was being emptied  from inside. I offered both this and my dryness. It seems to me that I am unable to serve my Lord, but suddenly I hear his Voice:

“My child, my return is approaching. Pray, my children, for those who curse me. The scene of this world controlled by Satan will pass. I shall be like a lightening before their eyes, as they will be unable to resist my glare.”

I see Jesus like a giant through a tunnel then I see nothing more.

But for those who have been waiting for me… oh, my children, you can’t imagine how it will be, it will be a joy totally unknown to you: the joy and the delight which were taken away by the original sin. It will be Loving Divine presence among you.

But now, my children, only for a short time more, offer me your pains for your brethren’s sake.

My Father can still offer you a great deal, through my and my Mother’s petition.”

I can see, like a lifeless mass, a lot of people by now unable to go out of the tunnel, through which Jesus has passed, and beyond it I can make a blue, clear and cloudless sky.

Oh my Jesus, he who has willingly chosen to hate You, is like one who has neither legs to run towards You, nor hands to touch You, nor eyes and heart to see You.

I feel I am helpless, because I can do nothing.

But, my sweet Lord, before you come in your Glory to dwell on the earth for ever, I together with those who will unite, will pray the prayer that You yourself have given at Dozulè.



20 October 1999, Wednesday


In this days I feel Jesus’ invitation deeply in my heart:

“Little one, continue to speak about my Love, convey my love: don’t get tired!”

“Oh, my Jesus, I don’t have enough words to speak about the Mystery of Mysteries. I am unable to Love!”

“Come before me, in adoration of my Body. Get ready to write. I’m going to speak to you.”  

“Yes, my Lord.”

After the Holy Mass, I am at my Lord’s disposal.

“Here I am, Jesus, speak as I am listening to You.”

“My Love is eternal: I love you, Children, even if I see your sin of tomorrow. I love you, children, even if I know your sin of yesterday and of today.

My Love is free: I always love in the same way! Both if you love me and even more if you don’t love me. I love, always, because I am Love, not because you deserve or don’t deserve my Love.

I love in spite of anything! I love!

Why, children, do you rely on your fellow-creatures’ love?

Why do you doubt of Me, when you don’t feel loved by those who, like you, are not perfect?

Why do you feel abandoned by Me, if you have relied on others?

Why do you judge your brethren’s love, even if I told you: Love one another as I have loved you and don’t judge one another?

You are the cause of your useless suffering.

Love me, my children, search for my Light, and in it you will find true Love, also among yourselves.

I am the Mountain on which you can practice in order to increase in Love.

I give you my peace, my daughter: you will give it to all those you will meet.”

Jesus makes the sign of the Cross on my forehead, on my mouth and on my heart.


All this important teaching was accompanied by this image:

A huge mountain is enveloped in a bright golden light.

In this supernatural light I see a roped party even if I can’t  see any rope. The Love is the rope that keeps united the people climbing to the summit even if they are at different levels.




In Christ (the mountain), in his love (the light enveloping the mountain) we can climb towards the summit.

But it is He, we must choose, it is He the target of our Love.

In Him and in Him only, we will find the rope-party which unites us to our brethren so that we can climb together.

Thank you, my Lord!



26th October, Tuesday


On the following days and always during the Holy Mass I see inside a sequence of images.

For some days I have seen the image of the Glorious Cross as if it were a huge blow-up erected on the earth.

The image is not limited but wide open on the infinite! I can’t see any boundary.

Then I see the same image on the water of seas and oceans surrounding the earth.

The extraordinary fact is that I see two clearly separated images: one on the earth and one on the water.

I can’t make out the meaning: I feel very small…

Some days later, always during the Holy Mass, I hear in my heart the following verses

(Fil 2, 10-11):


All beings in  heaven, on earth, and in the

world below

will fall on their knees,

and all will openly proclaim that. Jesus

Christ is the Lord,

to the glory of God the Father.


I feel that the Holy Spirit is opening my spirit on something great, but I am still unable to understand well. I pray and wait…

This morning, after receiving Jesus-Host, I knelt down, and I felt my heart and eyes opening wide.

I see and hear again what above related, but at the same time I see a third image of the glorious Cross high above in the skies…

Then I understand…


“…in the Skies, on the Earth end under the Earth…”.


Oh, my Lord, my breast is about to burst…

And for a moment I enter in the contemplation of what happened on Mount Tabor:

Jesus’ Transfiguration: Peter, James and John, Jesus’ Divinity: unequivocal, absolute Divinity!

I am still kneeling when my eyes contemplate Jesus’ naked feet in part covered by the white tunic, leaving partly visible the wounds from the nails. Rising my eyes I see His Holy Hands and His Sacred Chest.

Jesus Says:

Little one, all peoples on the Earth will see Me in the room of the Last Supper. Every today’s “Tommaso” will see Me. When I come everyone will have to choose. To each I will say:

“I am the Lord your God, He who gave you freedom from Egypt: you will not have another God besides Me!

Everyone will see my Divinity. But the choice will be definite!”

Oh, my Lord and my God: now I understand:

“Each tongue proclaim that Jesus Christ is the Lord!”

Here is the new world:

“You will not have another God besides Me!”


Here is Paradise: nothing fantastic or deceptive, but a conscious and responsible choice of the true God, the unique God who will finally reign over all his children.

Here then it is possible and certain the “new world where peace and justice will reign” towards which our Pope John Paul II, helped by the Immaculate Virgin, is leading and preparing us for the Jubilee. My heart rejoices gratefully for all that our Father in Heaven wants to give to his faithful children.

“Oh, my Jesus, come soon, don’t put it off. Many times have I prayed the Holy Spirit and my Guardian Angel to assist me.”

Then I felt a constant presence on my head of a big eagle with wide-open wings. This reminds me of St. John’s Gospel, while I hear in my heart:

“Yes, I am coming soon!”

We are about to experience the Mercy of all Mercies!



9th November 1999, Tuesday


During the Holy Mass, at the end of eight days’ prayers for the deceased, I offer again to Jesus my heart which is drier and drier. At the Holy Communion, on the point of receiving Jesus-Host, I offer my little heart to the Lord, merging it into the chalice of his precious Blood.

“I have nothing else to offer you, my God!”

But inwardly I behold something upsetting;

Lately, I often see Jesus’ Heart swollen because of all the offences he receives, and now it is alive and throbbling in some just melted icy water at the center of a big piece of ice from which a flame of vivid fire comes out.

I can’t understand, while I hear Jesus’ sweet and sad voice:

“Oh, my Heart, is burning with Love, for this icy mankind. How much cold, my little child, in this mankind. Even if my Heart burns and melts frozen ice, I can’t create a small pool in this mankind. My Love can’t spread out.”

What I see is really upsetting!

Shyly I kneel down before this scene. I stretch out my hands and unworthily take his Heart because I want to put it on my breast and warm it a little.

But on touching the Heart of my Lord I feel my hands burning while they become transparent because of the light wich floods them and I can see them as if through an X-ray. I can’t convey the contrast between that icy cold and this warmth. Oh, my Lord, Heart full of immense Love!

Jesus says:

“Write, little one, this is the nature of my Divine Heart: fire vivid fire of Love”

Oh Lord, our God, how is it possible to throw away your infinite mercy in this way? You are alive among us in continuous offering.

Oh Lord, Jesus Love, have mercy on your children!

Oh my Lord, forgive!



Holy Thursday evening.


I am before Jesus in adoration… and I pray for the people in Kosovo, new victims of a devilish plan of hate and violence. Suddenly I see in my heart a lot of parcels with card of the Glorious Cross. I have never thought of such possibility.

Jesus speaks in my heart:

“My daughter, I wish to reach the whole world with this image of mine. I wish my Glorious Cross to reach the boundaries of the world. It will be pressed on the heart and it will bring peace and hope to the poor people in war, while it will judge the killers!”.

Oh, my Lord, how can I obey you?

Jesus goes on:


“It is written on the arms of my Cross: “Come to me you all worn out and tried: I will restore you! I am the Resurrection and the Life” He who believes in Me, will not die for ever!”

Not only the Christians, but all my children must know my Glorious Cross, as I will soon come for everybody. I will sentence the responsible for this slaughter whose dimension has never been seen before, because they don’t believe and are not worn out and tired. Hate has made them deaf.

Woe betide them, if they don’t become converted.

Little one don’t wonder how… do as I ask and show you. I’ll lead you. Immediately after my Easter tell all this to my son, your Spiritual Father.”

Jesus, I trust you! I am your maid-servant.




Parcels, parcels, parcels of Light cards!

This image is still vivid before my eyes and in my heart. I know that it won’t be clear till I have carried out what He whishes me to do.

Come, Spirit of Love! Come and guide my heart and my mind.

Descend on Priests so that we can together fulfill your Holy Will.



Third Volume


22nd November 1999, Monday


After the Holy Mass, I remain in adoration of Jesus, exposed on the altar. I am greatly disturbed while I try humbly to recite the Love Beads. Then I suddenly see Jesus with a chain in his hands.

Jesus says:

“The chain with which I’ll chain Satan is already here in my Hands.


All that is evil, will be unrooted.

All that is malice, will be simplified.

All that is disgrace, will be polished up.


All that is sound, will be exalted.

All that is beautiful, will be raised.

All that is just, will be preserved.


All that believes, will be merged into the Truth.

All that saves, will sacrificed to the Glory.

All that rules, will be put under my Holy Rule.

As I will be Everything in everybody.


Now you don’t understand, little one, but I AM A JIUST JUDGE!

The chain, which now I hold in my hands, will be soon closed around…!”


Jesus, first asks me to touch the big chain, meaning: “I believe in your words”; then He looks around, as to show me, that He already knows where he will take action.

Yes my Lord, My God, I believe!

Yes, our unique Saviour!

Yes, come soon, don’t delay!





9 December 1999, Thursday


In my parish church a young man living here is asked to get to the Altar and help to give the Holy Communion. He will be soon a priest and yesterday, feast of the Immaculate Virgin, he made his first religious declaration.

Suddenly my heart is filled of my Lord’s Heart.

An immense joy widens my heart.

Inwardly I see Jesus’ Heart, big, red, beating and beside on the right another heart much smaller.

Jesus, very sweetly says:

“The heart of my priests is always on my Heart’s right.

It is a special place for them.”

Just now I see that Jesus’ Heart is opening wide and out of it a kind of strength takes the smaller heart inside the big One.


Jesus goes on with emotion:

“ My heart is always wide-open to make my priest’s heart an only heart with Me. But how many often turn away from this privileged door!

My own ones heart is free! Is always free!

Tell my Priests, little one. They are placed nearest Me, in my Heart.

Anyhow my Heart’s door is always open: to go in and out.

But, my child, how great is my joy when a dearest Son of mine, decides on his own will to live for ever in my Heart!

Will you explain this joy that you through my favour are feeling?”


“No, my Lord, I can’t convey it: it is too great, too mysterious!

Anyhow, in your Name, I can tell them:

Never disappoint Jesus, Children called by Him. Don’t disappoint Him!

Nowhere is there a greater joy! Only Jesus’ Heart con contain and share it with you, so that you can give it to the world.

Don’t leave this place empty, which no one else can occupy.

Don’t leave a hole in our Love’s Heart!


Oh, my Jesus, it seems to me insufficient, all that I, poorly and unworthy may write.

Jesus, Eternal Priest, forgive me!

I love You!

Mother Mary, Mother of all Priests, you think of it.

You, Immaculate Heart!! Amen!


20 December 1999, Monday


I am at home reciting the Love Beads for the whole world and especially for the Church when suddenly I find myself in Rome in spirit. St. Peter’s and all the Vatican stand in front of me. A ray of very white light comes down from above.

I raise my eyes and I see a dove as white as the ray of light. After a moment an imposing figure replaces the dove: the Celestial Father. Then the figure becomes well-known: Jesus Christ, Kingly, Glorious and sparkling.

The Three figures interchange in an harmonious dance as to make clear, the singleness of the three Persons of the Holy Trinity: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. It also shows that the Church in Rome is deposer of this truth of Faith.

Then I see Jerusalem, then Greece and other parts of the world. I can see multicoloured strips of light start from each of these places. They reunite high in the sky, where the Holy Trinity has revealed His dwelling. 

My heart is throbbing: it is a prophecy!

This image form an immense tent whose centre is the Vatican and shows the Universality of God.

Then I perceive in my heart these words:

“Tent of Christ,

  Tent of God,

  Tent of the world.”

And I think that all this will be soon an extraordinary realty.

All mankind under the Unique Tent, under the Unique Breath of Life: the Holy Spirit of God the Father and of God the Son!




Monday evening


During the evening Holy Mass, I receive a new, lofty image.

I see the Little Jesus, beautiful and very little as if newly born.

I am filled of dismay thinking of the cold that the little body suffered. But soon I see a white, blue, soft light around Him. In this light the Holy Virgin was hugging the little child. The light wrapped the child, like a veil.

I am astonished before this heavenly scene!

Then the scene widens and I see a great number of people walking toward this Heavenly Icon, carrying gifts. There are men, women and children of different periods and nationality and wearing different garments.

I can’t convey all the beauty of this scene, but I poorly perceive: it is the exodus of all mankind towards the Celestial Child, the King of Universe!

I feel a great contrast in my heart… our Christmas has never been like this. This is an unknown Christmas for us.

It is our future Christmas!

It is a new prophecy of the true Holy Christmas!

At that very moment I am brought to realty, by the voices of the congregation’s prayer:


                                                  All the people in the earth will come

                                              and before Him will prostrate themselves


My heart was overflowing with joy!

Jesus, my Jesus, only after your return, only after our transfiguration, after the purification You will be really able to live your Eternal Christmas, in its total Truth, as Mary and Joseph, as the Shepherds and as the Magi lived.

Then your Christmas will be really “universal”!

It will be Christmas in the heart of all men on the earth!

So will it be!

Halleluiah! Halleluiah!





21 December 1999, Tuesday


This morning, again during the Holy Mass, on receiving Jesus’ Eucharist, the same image returns to my heart and I hear the well-known very sweet voice say:

“The mystery of my Incarnation will soon be revealed to all people on the earth.

I will come to reveal it. I, I myself in my Glory.”

Oh, my spirit is crushed, as I am already living, out of pure grace, this portion of Paradise, the real Christmas, as it will be when we at least will have “new heavens and new hearth”.

Oh, my Lord, I am unworthy… anyhow thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you, Little Child!

Thank you Mother! Soon, your Heart will triumph!

Hosanna, Hosanna!





23 December 1999, Thursday


For this Holy Christmas, after a lot of searching, I managed to find a little statue of the Holy Child just as I wished.

It is really beautiful my Little Child! His blue eyes look up at the Sky, his hands are open and his wide open harms seem to welcome the whole world.

I admire Him tenderly! And nothing seems beautiful enough to welcome the little Child.

As soon as we came home I hugged Him. Then I laid Him on a lace cushion, thinking of providing for something better, later.

But later the little Child spoke to my heart:

“Oh, no, I wish you to put me again on straw!

I want to be again the Poor among poor!

On straw, put me again on straw!

As I was in Bethlehem!”

Oh, my Little Lord, I am astonished and moved!

Yes, as you like! I’ll see to it!

Hosanna! Hosanna!


31 December 1999, Friday


During the morning Holy Mass, I see inwardly Jesus Resurrected and solemn! His white tunic enlightens a very dark place. He seems to be on the threshold of an invisible door.

There, Jesus, with a lovely smile, is waiting…

In fact, some people approach. Jesus gives an oil-lamp to each one of them and invites them to step in. So a long queue of people moves forward, holding the lit lamps.

By now I see an endless line of trembling little flames, moving towards an indefinite place.

Anyhow I perceive that is the only way, perhaps a path bordering a precipice, beyond which one might fall into darkness.

Then I see the flames dance and all take the same form which is the word “Jesus”. The result is a blazing line: “Jesus… Jesus… Jesus…”

In the darkness I can only see the little flames; it is as if Jesus, in his infinite Majesty, is cheered by this silent, blazing choir.

My spirit stands in awe before this mysterious and beautiful vision, while the sweet Voice of my Master proclaims:

“The Light has my Name!
My Name is the Light!

I am the Light!”


Yes, my Lord we need to keep our faith lamps well lit. The very faith, the very lamps, are given to us by You, who show us the safe way, otherwise we would fall, into darkness.

Your Holy Name is the only safety for all the peoples on the earth.

You are the door, beyond which we get the Light.

 In order to reach the Light we have to go through the Light: there is no other way.


The crowd still increase and now I see hey have reached an immense valley, which is still in darkness.

Then, before them, once again an immense, powerful, glorious Cross stands out. Nothing else is to be seen, only the splendour of its Light… while I hear a powerful Voice say:

“Jesus of Nazareth has triumphed on Death!

His Kingdom is Eternal!”


Oh, my Father, the same as at Dozulé!

In a sudden ray of light I can see for a moment the crowd to whom I feel deeply united and perceive that we are all kneeling before the Cross majesty.

Have mercy, my God!


4 January 2000, Tuesday


I am praying before the Tabernacle in a small chapel and I see, in my heart, two images in continual alternation: Jesus Host and Herod, while the soft voice of Jesus says:

“My daughter, today’s Herods, and they are many, are afraid of my Presence, as Herod was afraid of my birth, then. Again and again men’s arrogance put their human power in competition with my Royalty. They have not yet understood that God’s power is not on their level.

Man denies my Majesty because he is afraid of it.

The Magi had understood and in their humble wisdom they had rejoiced.

Wisdom and Love belong to pure hearts.

Happy are the pure of heart because they will see God!”

My heart opens on this reality, which has always been present and now more than ever.

Have mercy my Lord, my Child, my All!





21 January 2000, Friday


Lately it has been difficult for me to reconcile prayer, work, the listening to people in need, to write and choose the right moment for each of these tasks.

During the Holy Mass, Jesus gives me this teaching:

“Little one, don’t let anything to steal your time from Me; act firmly, but with charity and love.”


Then the Spirit gives me the image of a wave in the sea which forms itself again as far as the horizon, while Jesus continues:

Each smallest act of love, has consequences in the whole world, like a wave on the sea. Each wave is the result of another wave and it produces more waves in a continuous movement of cause and effect.

So is love!

A little act of love is like a wave: it starts a sequence of acts of love with far away consequences, often unknown to you.”

Oh my Lord, I offer You everything, even what is difficult for me to evaluate. You will yield fruit from everything, in the infinite Ocean of Your Mercy!

Amen! Alleluia!



1 February 2000, Tuesday


I am in my parish church for the Holy Mass.

During the Holy Communion, I strongly feel my Lord’s Heart inside and a great suffering. I also see His Face bleeding because of a thorny crown. I only see His Face, but at the same time I perceive the Cross.

Then Jesus says:

“They continuously injure me, scourge me, spit on my Face. Every hour, every day in a lot of different places at the same time.”

For a moment I see the war, the forgotten, the prisoners and in a special way the children all over the world, raped, exploited, dirty, abandoned.

Jesus goes on:

“Horrors have increased! And I walk along the world streets to bring Peace!”

Now I see the Holy Father, small and bent. His suffering face is also sweet, mild, full of goodness: it is Christ’s face living among us, the face of new martyr. Then, beside him, arm in arm, as if to hold him up, I see the Holy Virgin on his right and St. Michael the Arcangel on his left.

Again I listen to Jesus mild voice:

“Children, pray for the Pope!




Pray for the Pope!

Pray for the Pope!

The Holy Father is always supported by the Holy Virgin and St. Michael the Arcangel.

But you, my children, show him your affection with your prayer. Be united to him and in agreement with him.

Don’t leave him alone during his journeys among wolves. Form a strong flock around him. His life is completely offered to Me for your sake!”


Yes Jesus, my Lord!

Come soon among us!

Come soon to relieve your Vicar!

Come soon, don’t delay!





11 February 2000, Friday

Feast of the Immaculate of Lourdes 


In the evening, during the healing Holy Mass, I receive this terrible image: I see the earthly globe as a huge ball of reinforced concrete. I can see a big horizontal opening which seems an underground entrance. Outside a great number of people and children are rolling towards it, as if attracted by an irresistible strength.

Then, when the crowd reach the entrance, they are sucked inside where I can see what seems an endless commercial centre brightly lit with a countless number of computers, all alike. In spite of all the people I have seen enter, there was no one inside.

I am astonished and so I ask Jesus:

“What do you want to tell me, my Lord?”

And here is Voice:

“A time will come children, when a great number of people will disappear, swallowed by this world, and you will know nothing more of them.”

“Oh, my Lord, it is frightening!”

“Yes, my daughter, it is frightening, but humankind is moving towards a disaster.

There will be events never occurred before.

This will be a sign…

The world swallows the children of the world. Like a huge panther, the world will open its mouth wide… be careful, children: you will have no freedom any longer.

Like puppets you will be guided by stronger power than you, but supported by you!

Stop, children! I have warned you: that tunnel is without exit, my children!”




2 March 2000, Thursday


I have the flu, therefore I stay at home.

In the morning, seated with the Little Child in my arms, as I usually do during the Holy Rosary, I invoke the presence of Jesus, Mary and my Guardian Angel, because in my physical weakness I am unable to pray.

At the end of the third joy mystery here is my Jesus seated on his heels to be at my level.

The Little Child is between us. I look at Jesus and I feel embarrassed, because He, my Lord, is at my feet, but immediately my lord speaks in my heart. He looks at the little statue and with great tenderness and sorrow says:

“Oh, if you knew, how profaned my Body is, while you so sweetly and maternally hold Me in your arms!

In my glory I will show myself as I Child, and you will realize how important it has been your love for a plaster Child in whom nevertheless I am alive.

I will show myself as I did to the Shepherds, because only the pure in hearts, like the Shepherds, are able to see their God in a little Child.

Then they will tremble, those who have profaned my Body and nowadays profane Me in too many bodies of little children.

My Justice will be terrible, unless they become converted, because my Justice is Love!

And Love stands no longer that what is most sacred, innocence, be profaned.

Innocence is the Celestial Father’s Very Essence!

Satan’s infamy wants to destroy innocence, as the last outrage against the Lord.

I, Jesus, the Eternal Innocent, will come soon with the Father to judge the crime of crimes; I will be terrible and merciless; because, my children, my Mercy will be Justice!

Once I said to my people:

“Woe betide those who will scandalize these little ones.”

But today I say to you:

Men, you have gone far beyond scandalizing with words, actions and bad examples. Now you want to destroy their life even before their birth, you want to put malice and perversion in their hearts and minds, because you know they are my favourite ones.

Oh, you foolish, don’t you know they are the new martyrs? Those who with their innocent martyrdom will continue to save the world? With their forgiveness they will be even able to save you, if in a moment of light, immersed in the darkness as you are, you will be able to cry out to them and to Me.

Through their petitions I even intend to save you!”

I put my hands in Jesus’ hands.

I scan all the details: his dark blond hair, his blue eyes still filled with Goodness, while hatred towards God is reaching its highest level.

He, the Greatly Humble says in a tired voice:

“Tell the world all this, my little one, tell it to the world!”

Oh, my Jesus, have pity of your people!


After writing I take the Child again in my arms, and continue to pray the Rosary.

O my Jesus, come soon, don’t delay!





3 March 200, Friday


During the morning Holy Mass, after receiving Jesus Eucharist, I kneel again and suddenly I feel a great heat and a great weight on my left hand.

I am astonished to see inwardly the little body of a newly-born Jesus in my hand. He is so little!

Then I see the little Body wrapped in a sudarium, then He is swaddled in bandages as if for a burial.

Oh, my Child! My Lord! My God!

Meanwhile the same lot hits a little Host, which has appeared beside the little Body.

And Jesus says:

“My daughter, once again, they will put my body in a sudarium; anyhow I have won death for ever. The powerful will try to put Me to death again, but my Body is immortal.

I have won death!”

Oh, my Jesus, I hug You on my heart and I beg you, don’t allow this crime to take place. They don’t know what they are doing. Have pity, my Lord!


Again in the evening, during a service, Jesus makes me go through the same image and words.

Again I beg: have pity my God, Holy and Immaculate Host! I love you, my Jesus!

No, Satan will not have power on You! Your Body is Glorious!

No one will ever chain it! We are unable to understand this Mystery!

Eucharist will triumph!

Amen! Alleluia!


During the following days, I see Jesus walk in wide canals; they are so deep as to almost cover Jesus’ height.

He and his white tunic are sparkling with light which spreads out around him forming furrows of Light.


Now Jesus says to me:

“They will try to overshadow my Body, so that, they can say: “The earth is ours!”

Anyhow, my child, even in the bowels of earth, my Body will shine, because I am the Light!

And my Blood will flow more and more to wash and purify the earth.”

Then I see the canals filled with Live, foaming Blood, which runs quickly along the bowels of the earth, while Jesus continues:

“But woe betide the wicked who come across my Blood on the way! They will die with sorrow, unless they become converted!”

O my Lord! More pity!

Again man wants to have power on the earth to replace the Creator! As it happened at the beginning!

Why, why?




11 March 2000, Saturday


For some days I have felt a growing dryness in prayer, while writing has been more and more difficult. And yet I trust the Holy Spirit who will supply what I lack. For some days I have had an image inside bringing light and joy in my heart immersed in darkness.

I see Jesus immense and majestic in his white tunic, his golden hair, holding a huge rainbow in his strong Hands, under a blue and clear sky, covering the whole earth.

I couldn’t understand…


Today, during the Holy Mass, I hear the following as if it were the first time:



Genesis 9,12-17


“God said:

“This is the sign of the alliance

between Me and you

and every living being, which is with you

for all the generations to come.

I put my arch on the clouds

and it  will be the sign of the alliance

between Me and the earth.

When I gather the clouds on the earth

and the arch appears

I will remember my alliance between Me and you

and all the other living beings

and there will no longer be

any destroying waters or flood.

The arch will be on the clouds

to remind me the eternal alliance

between God and every being living

on the earth.”

God said to Noah:

“This is the sign of the alliance

which I have established between Me and every being living on the earth.”


The Word of the first Lent Sunday, opens mysteriously my spiritual eyes about these books cover wanted by the Lord. I feel a new and deep revelation about the Glorious Cross as the conclusion of the Alliance between Good and man, between God and the earth!


My body is in the chapel, but my spirit, filled by the Holy Spirit, is in a new world, where Father’s thought has found its accomplishment.

16 March 2000, Thursday


After some days, the image of the rainbow, the sign of the Alliance between God and the earth, thus wanted by Jesus as a profound and prophetic significance for this Work, continues to dwell in my heart.

During the Holy Mass, Jesus, tender as usual, confirm this prophetic truth:

“Yes, my daughter, my Father has established His Alliance with his people. With my Death on the Cross, I have renewed it.

Now, with my Glorious Cross, I will come to bring the Alliance to a conclusion for ever!”


It comes to my mind an announcement of many years ago, which was then rather obscure for me.


Oh Mary, Ark of the new and eternal Alliance!

You, who always precedes you Son’s work on the earth

to prepare his people…

Mary, pray for us and… You guide us!


Hail Mary. Amen.




22 April 2000, Holy Saturday


For some days, I have heard in my heart, as Jesus’ promise:

“Easter… Easter…”

Now it is Easter, so I can’t understand.

Suddenly I am stuck by the fact that Jesus has chosen the 22nd of April 1998 to reveal the profound meaning of the cover image that He is alive!

He is alive in the sparkling Light of his Cross!

This date, in this Holy year, falls on the day of his Resurrection and with the image of His Glory He seems to say to the world: “Wait for me, because I am coming!”

I feel in my heart the presence of my Lord’s Heart together with a deep loneliness.

Yes, it is the loneliness of the Holy Shrine… but very soon the gravestone will roll away!

O Jesus, my sweet lord!


I am in the church for the Easter Vigil and then during the Holy Mass we will sing the “Glory” which will announce the Lord’s Resurrection.

After the blessing of the fire and the Paschal candle, we hear the Reading about the release of the Hebrew and the miraculous passage across the Red Sea.

Then I see again the gravestone roll away and I am almost blinded by a golden Light coming out of the open and emptied Shrine.

My spirit rejoices, but only for a moment because I see the gravestone roll back and close once again that extraordinary Light in the Shrine.

Oh, my Lord, why this image?

You have resurrected and appeared to your disciples on Easter Sunday dawn!

What is its meaning?

The words “Easter… Easter…” resound again in my mind.

My Jesus, Thy Will be done!




23 April 2000, Easter Sunday


My tired heart longs for You, Jesus… my Jesus!

And at last Jesus speaks in my heart:

“My little child, you are sharing wiht me my suffering through centuries.


For too many people through centuries, starting from the Hebrews, who were witnesses of the facts, that that Shrine is closed like their heart before the Truth.

Too many people have chosen to close again with the gravestone the Light, the same sparkling Light you have seen last night.

Too many people have preferred to believe only in the black Cross on the Calvary, the sign of my Death. Other prophets considered it Martyrdom, but still Death.

Many people have preferred, because less committing, to remember a dead Man rather than walk every day with a Living God..

It’s easier to obey a Master who speaks no more than a friend that corrects and guide you with love every day.

Many people preferred to escape the promise of the eternal Love, the Love which is Light to their walking.

Many people have preferred to suffocate the Life, rolling again the deathstone on the Truth.

My little child, now you understand why I wish my Glorious Cross invade the world?

Many eyes must get accostomed to consider the Light of Faith in God.

Many hearts must ask themselves about my Resurrection, now, after 2000 years.

I want to give a period to the image of the Glorious Cross, a period like one of my teaching in Israel so that it may be known, accepted and waited for. Because there is Salvation, in It.


Later Jesus continues:

“Since then, every day, every moment I stand before the sepulchres of many hearts and nock.

Since then every day and every night, closed in tabernacles, I wait for my children to come and visit me, but even many Christians don’t believe I am alive.

 For too long the Light in the world sepulchres has been turned off.

Now is the time of the final Revelation: no more in the Incarnation in a Woman womb, but in the power of my Divinity.


In history Easter has always meant a new event, without changing its meaning.

Now Easter will have a new face: the face of Victory!

Even the sepulchres of your hearts, of every heart will see my Light!”

I can only say this prayer:

“Come soon, Jesus, in your Divine Glory!” Amen!


27 March 2000, Saturday


After the Holy Mass, I remain in the church to recite the Love Beads, then I begin the Holy Rosary. At once my heart feels strongly Jesus presence; I feel also a great tenderness for the Child Jesus.

At the third mystery, the chubby, perfect little Body of Jesus, only wrapped whit a white nappy, comes to lay mystically in my arms. I feel the physical warmth of this little Body and my soul is filled with a great joy. Deep inside me I experience a great consternation:


                                                  Oh my little Lord,

                                                  my God, my King,

                                       I know I am holding in my arms


                                            the Son of God made Flesh.

                                           Anyhow I am deeply stuck

                                           by the perfection of your Being!


I feel consternation and wonder for the mystery I am living, and I dislike the task of writing, in order to linger on the experience which I am unable to convey. I ask him to forgive me, because this morning, in the rush to arrive in time for the Holy Mass I haven’t greeted him.

“I am sorry, little one.”

The Child has a big rosary in his right little hand; its colour changes: white, pink, yellow and other colours…

“Little Child, what do you want to tell me?”

I listen, praying the Holy Spirit wishing me not to be deceived.

I look at Jesus exposed on the altar and I hear his Voice, so I take my copybook ready to write.


A human thought cheers my heart:

“Oh, my little Lord, now we are in summer, it’s no longer cold, and your little Body doesn’t suffer as you did when you were born.” and I hug him happily to my heart

But his Voice is sad:

No, my little mother, I am very cold, very cold in my heart because of this humankind.

I am very cold because they don’t see Me in the little ones, they don’t understand the value of life.

They don’t understand that every child is like Me: a little Child Jesus!

There  is a great schizophrenia in the world now, concerning the little ones, which damages their life and their balance.

Nowadays the little ones are hindered either in their conception or in their growth; they may even be idolized in order to posses them, not out of love, but out of wild pride and often out of sheer egoism.

The consequence of every action is not considered: science often considers them mere objects.

Objects of pleasure and power, against God, the Father Creator.”


The Child Jesus seems to play with the big Rosary in his hand, but his warning is serious:


“Remind the world, that only this weapon and my Sacrifice officiated every day, can stop the torment or mitigate it before my Return, because then, remember, my children, my Mercy will be Justice and my Justice will be terrible!”

I kiss the Child Jesus and ask forgiveness for me and for the whole humankind.

Jesus raises his little Hand and with the big Rosary makes the sign of the Cross on my mouth, on my forehead and on my heart and states again:

“You, too, always remember this, my little mother!”

And he smiles tenderly.

Then I beg:

“You know the difficulties and obstacles I meet in reciting the Rosary. How can I tell the others something I myself can’t do well? Help me, my Child to go on, anyway.

Help me in your Holy Name, my little Master.

You only, know my heart and my weakness.

I adore you, my Little Love!”

Jesus caresses my cheek with his little tender hand and reassures me:

“Don’t be afraid!”

Oh, my Lord, here before you alive in the Eucharist I humbly intercede for all mankind.

Forgive and save!









7 August 2000, Monday


Soon after receiving the Holy Host during the Holy Mass, I receive inwardly an upsetting image.

I see a dark blind alley.

A sinister and gloomy group of few people, dressed and hooded in black, whose faces were also covered, are pestering the Christ, crowned with horrible thorns and almost naked.

It is a horrifying scene. My heart shudders and I would like to prevent such a martyrdom.

Jesus is sadly resigned: once again he doesn’t struggle and doesn’t defend himself.

But I hear his sweet and sad Voice:


“Even now, like then, I am put to death! At every street corner, there are seets working against Me.


They are hidden and their number is increasing every day.

They sprout up like mushrooms every day

Every day I am crucified during dark Masses, because they still think of putting me to death for ever… while they don’t know that their end is approacing.

I will permit the slaughter only till the fullness of iniquity which coincides with the fullness of times, of my times.

Then there will be justice!

But till then, my children, get ready to see such iniquity grow.

You will hear about things never heard before.

Don’t be dismayed!

Pray my Father and your Father, so that my times may come soon.

In my greatest suffering, I bless you, my children!”


“Have mercy for us, my Lord!”




14 September 2000, Thursday

Feast of the Holy Cross Exaltation


I am still in Normandy, for this special festivity day. During the morning Holy Mass, Jesus gives me a message for all those that will be at the Glorious Cross with me in the afternoon.

I see the huge shining Cross and I hear these words:

“My children, have Faith!

My Glory will come down on you like rain!

Wait for me in your heart and in your mind.”

Oh, thank you, Jesus! Come soon don’t delay! Amen!





10 October 2000, Sunday


During the Holy Mass, officiated by the Bishop, for our Queen’s feast, Jesus’ shining figure appears in my heart.

His tunic, his mantle, his face, seem to reflect all his shining light.

A strong wind shakes his robes making him appear even more impressive.

Then his sweet Voice proclaims the True Happiness ( Mt. 5,3-11)


“Happy are the poor in spirit,

because the kingdom of Heaven belongs to them!


Happy are those who mourn,

God will console them!


Happy are the meek,

they will receive what God has promised!


Happy are those who long for justice,

it will be given to them!


Happy are those who are merciful with others,

God will be merciful to them!


Happy are the pure in heart,

they will see God!

Happy are those who work for peace,

God will call them his sons!


Happy are those who are persecuted because they do what God requires,

the kingdom of Heaven belongs to them!


Happy are you when men insult you, and tell all kind of lies against you because you are my followers, be glad and happy because you will be rewarded in heaven! This is how the prophets, who lived before you, were persecuted!”

Then Jesus goes on:


“But today, my children I tell you:


Happy are those who keep close to my Mother!

They will have nothing to be afraid of!


Happy are those who are waiting

for her Immaculate Heart’s Triumph!

They will be consoled and reconciled!


Happy are those who are waiting for my Return!

They will dwell with Me for ever!


Happy are those who are pure and faithful

and never get tired to add oil to their Faith!

They will recognize Me at my return!


Happy are those who will persevere till the end!

They will enjoy my reward for ever!


Happy are those who will not have disown Me!

I will not disown them!


At each beatitude Jesus’ look covers the humankind on the whole earth. He seems to pick up each good reality present in his Merciful Heart, with one promise:

“Do get up! Here comes the Bridegroom!”

Yes, Jesus, our only Lord, come!

Come, our true and eternal Happiness are You!

Come, loved Bridegroom! Your Bride is ready for You!

Come, don’t delay!



22 October 2000, Sunday


As the Holy Shroud is still exposed in Turin Cathedral I go on pilgrimage to this town as I did in 1998 to visit the Relic which shows the impression of our God’s Body.

Suddenly I am filled with wonder.

Our God, with this incredible sign, miracously survived through time and events, wanted to leave a sure proof of his Incarnation and Resurrection.

I want to cover the way towards His Shroud with Him so I pray the sorrowful mysteries.

I live very deeply this hour, which is extraordinary for me!

On the way I really live, with Jesus, the climb to Calvary and in my heart I weep.

I wish to meditate on these Mysteries as a preparation for when I will stand there before the great mystery of the Holy Shroud.

On the way we are shown detailed images of the Shrouds which has been referred to as the 5° Gospel by some people.

Suddenly I am struck by a question:

“Why Turin? Why has Jesus chosen this town as his Imprint abode, after so much roaming through centuries?”

Turin, blessed Town, for the presence of a great number of Saints.

Turin, opposed and mysterious Town!

Turin, Town chosen by the Lord, to leave to the whole world the living signs of His Passion for us!

I think it is a great favour to have such a Treasure so near us!”

While meditating without finding an answer, I hear in my heart these clear words:

“Turin! The meaning stands in its name!”

Altough I am unable to understand this answer, I think it comes from the Holy Spirit.

I’ll wait! Amen!


When I finally stand before the Shroud, I am filled with such a deep emotion, as never felt before.

The signs of the Holy Scourges are here before our eyes to tell us after 2000 years, that that Man has died for us.

But above all He is here to tell us that He is Living, because otherwise this Linen wouldn’t exist.

This Linen couldn’t exist if that Man were not alive; it would be in the grave with his corpse, and would have no meaning.

This mysterious Linen, which remained only three days in a grave, this unique and marvellous Linen bears the print of a Living Man: Jesus Christ!

It bears the print of God!

Our only God!


That Linen, a contradictory sign like He who was wrapped in it…

That Linen which doesn’t feed those who don’t believe but even for science is still a mystery…

That Linen fills me with dismay: “My Jesus, why is our heart so hard!”


And here is my Lord before me, the Resurrected, sparkling in Light!

I hear his Voice like a melody:

“My little child, lean your head here on my Heart.”

I lean on Jesus’ heart and ask forgiveness for the incredulity of the whole world.

Have mercy, my Lord!

At that very moment I see the stretched Holy Linen discend from above and cover us.

Then, it bends itself in half and wraps us exactly as it wrapped Jesus in the grave.

I really can’t convey my feelings!

Jesus speaks again to my heart:

“The Holy Shroud is the sheet that wrapped all mankind with Me, because each man was in my heart. Each man came down with Me in the grave, just as each man is bound to resurrect with Me.

The signs of my Death and Resurrection are printed on the Sheet, so that you may believe.”


Oh, my Lord, thank you for this experience which fills me with wonder and certainty.

Yes, You are alive!

Yes, You will come soon!

This we sing in the Jubilee hymn!





27 October 2000, Friday


During the Holy Mass I am struck by these words in the Gospel (Lc 12,54-57) because they are still topical:


“Jesus said to the people:

“When you see a cloud coming up in the west, at once you say: it is going to rain, and it does. And

when you feel the south wind blowing, you say: it is going to get hot, and it does. Hypocrites! You can 

look at the earth and the sky and tell what it means; why, then, don’t you know the meaning of this

present time?”

Then suddenly during the Communion I see a clear image.

Very near me I see a big golden cup, whose contents is strange and revolting: it is full of slime with a great number of snakes in it.

My heart is disgusted but as a help, I see a reassuring image appear on the altar at the right side.

I see a gold Chalice, with a great host above, which seems to want to remove the other cup which by now is on the altar at the left side.

The contrast between the two images is incredible!

Then I hear Jesus well-know voice:


“The cup of iniquity is about to overflow!

But, you, my children, look elsewhere.

Don’t let the events appeal and overwhelm you.

Look at Me!

Look at the Eucharist!”


And at once I see the Host above the Chalice rise and passing over the cup of iniquity it moves away. I follow the white Host till I see it enter, from above, in the Vatican.

Then it enters mysteriously, through closed doors, into a little Chapel, where the Holy Father is praying on his knees, and hangs on him, who seems smaller in his white mantle and so bathed in light.

My Lord’s sweet Voice continues:


“Look at him, my Pope!

Look at him, who is the Living Host on the earth!

Only listen to his words of Truth and Justice!

They are my Words!”

My heart stands for a while between anxiety and peace, between sorrow and joy!

My Lord and my God send your Spirit on us in that hour, so that we may not be petrified like Lot’s wife looking back at all the evil; but we may recognized the signs of the time You give us.

Preserve and protect our dear pope whom you give us like a Living Host to feed us with his/your Word and to edify us with his martyrdom.





6 January 2001

Our Lord’s Epiphany


I am driving towards Don Bosco’s native Hill. I pray and through Radio Maria I listen the broadcast of the closing of the Holy Door in St. Peter’s Cathedral, which ends the 2000’s Holy Year.

I feel a strong emotion thinking of this special year rich in grace and religious celebrations, which required the Holy Father great efforts.

I hear my Lord’s Voice:

“Oh, my Magic King!

The Magic King of this time, who enlightened by the Comet Star is leading you towards my Glory!

Like the Magi Kings of the Gospel at my birth, let yourself be led by Him, only by Him towards the new Promised Land!

Bring me as a gift your poverty, inside gold caskets of Faith.

The Comet Star, the Virgin Mary, is the safe Star who is leading my Holy magic King and you all towards the Saviour in his Glory!”

Yes, my sweet Jesus! Amen!





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